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  1. Thanks. I grew up at 81st and Aberdeen from ’53 to ’64. We celebrated many occasions here, before and after the tornado.

  2. Wonderful to see the menu. I lived at 8453 Ada from 51 to 68 and directed traffic the night of the tornado that flattened ML. Any idea when it closed?

  3. Melody Lane was my grandfathers (Edward J. Puschak) restaurant. Even though it was “before my time”…mom says it pretty much closed after the tornado hit it. My uncle carried on the tradition of the ice cream recipes at Pooch’s in Palos Heights, IL (which is also now closed). I used to love hearing the stories about Melody Lane & it seems like I was there myself.

    • My parents where friends with Ed Puschak and family back in the 70’s early 80’s as a child I have fond memories of going to Pooches in Palos Park.

      Cathy Carlson Vroom
  4. I lived at 8819 S. Throop from 1948 to 1958. My Grandmother worked there. Her name was Marie Muller.

    • I lived at 8800 S. Throop from 1939 to 1948. Moved to 1516 W. 87th 1949. I went to Fort Dearborn grammar school, & Calumet High School. Graduated in Jan. of 1957. Spent MANY, MANY fun years at Melody Lane!! I remember the tornado very, very well….sad!

  5. Now Melody Lane really brings back memories. I was a high school kid during the 50s and lived at 91st and Claremont just south of Ryan’s Woods. Spent many a Friday night at Melody Lane as well as some places on 95th St. Didn’t it get hit by a tornado sometime in the late 50s or early 60s?

  6. Our family loved that place. Did anyone ever order a “tornado”? It served maybe 25 people and took a crew to carry it out, a mountain of ice cream covered in sparklers with, of course, the tornado siren going off.

  7. In the 1960’s Melody Lane Restaurant was owned by a man named Tone Herman.
    I know this is true because I worked for him. I do not know if or when he sold the restaurant, however he did open another Melody Lane Restaurant in the western suburbs. The second Melody Lane was nothing like the one on 87th st. No Tornadoes, and did not have a soda fountain, just the name. It was more of a fine dining restaurant, white tablecloths, steaks instead of burgers etc.
    I don’t think that it lasted very long though.

  8. Hi, I lived at 8354 s. Elizabeth st. The Dwyer family, went to St. Kilian and after our sunday football game we would all go there. a lot of memories.I remember the tornado what an afternoon and night.

    • My grandmother lived at 86th and Elizabeth. Walked everyday to mass at Killians. We lived at 85th and Aberdeen. Fond memories walking to school at Killians and going to Melody Lane for occasional lunch. Was quite the treat back then

  9. Melody Lane. Such wonderful memories. My then girlfriend, now wife, started going there after a Saturday movie beginning in July of 1966. On each visit, I would buy here a stuffed animal, and believe it or not, we still have every one of those animals with us today. I did not know it was destroyed by the “68” tornado, but do recall it moved to 54th & LaGrange shortly afterwards. Not the same. Wonderful, wonderful memories. Would love to travel back in time to those exciting nights!

  10. I was a bus boy at Melody Lane in 1964/65 and cleaned up after many a Tornado Special. They had lots of ice cream specialties but none as big and noisy as the Tornado Special. We all got noise makers and sparklers and paraded it out of the kitchen. What a great memory! I was only 16 yo at the time. Did not know the restaurnat before the tornado, though.

  11. My grandfather, John DeNormandie, was 50% owner of the Melody Lane during the 1950’s

    Grant DeNormandie
  12. I worked there in the mid 60’s as a bus boy. their ice cream was made in house and it was great!!!!
    i remember two guys that ran the place names were roger and rudy

  13. We lived in bridgeport on 32nd and morgan and would drive there to eat a great burger and get a double banana split called a pig pen. Also love the mcgees closet.

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