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  1. I have fond memories of eating at the Little Corporal Restaurant in Chicago some 50 years ago. I was a college student, and this was a classy yet affordable little restaurant to which I could proudly take friends or a date. This menu cover certainly brings back great memories.

  2. I remeber a classy little Restaurant owned and operated by one George Missious in the 70,s.

    Maybe this is the same one.
    Eng. Peter Bromiley

  3. I remember The Little Corporal Restaurant, I believe it was in the Bank of America building. They make the best french toast. It soaked overnight in a mixture of Amaretto, egg and heavy cream, then deep fried and served with powdered sugar. That was in the late 60’s and I still try to make it on my own, come close but the memory is just to good to duplicate, still I will try.

    • Hi Richard,

      That has to be an amazing version of the recipe.

      John Chuckman

  4. I remember that menu! My father, mother, and I would drive down from Milwaukee to see one of the museums and we would go to supper at The Little Corporal. It was in the late ’60’s and I was only about 10. It seemed so exotic and fancy to me! Thanks for the memory!

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