THE SURREY RESTAURANT – c1950   3 comments


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  1. I grew up in the vicinity of the Surrey then located at about 106th and Western Ave in the 1950’s. There was once an antique surrey planted on the from lawn and the entire building was painted white. My grandfather owned the Chanteclair on 103rd and Western in the 50’s as well.

    • Interesting to find this … I have not seen this photo in a very long time. My father owned The Surrey Restaurant at 105th & Western Ave from the 1940’s till 1972 when a fire brought it to the ground. He was the inventor of the salad bar, having been then the first restaurant in America to do it (but who knew).
      Thanks for the memories. I actually have the orginal oil of this post card.
      John Ruzic

      • I spent many wonderful Sundays at the Surrey. I still remember the fantastic “Swiss Steak,” he used to serve. I believe he also bought the first commercial Amana Radar-Range (what became Microwave ovens). It was huge.

        He also had a waitress named Bobbi which was my, and my parents, favorite. I also worked for John at the snack shop across the street. I made the 18% butterfat super rich ice creme for the restaurant and the lower butterfat content for the snack shop.

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