Posted April 28, 2010 by JOHN CHUCKMAN

4 responses to “BROMANN BROTHERS BUTCHER SHOP – c1910

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  1. It’s a great old image, John, but I don’t think it was Bromann Brothers Butcher Shop. I believe they only made the walk-in coolers and cooler display cases. Their grandson who lives in Minn. has written about them. I have what was once a butcher shop on Whightwood in Logan Square and it contains the reminents of some the Bromann Bros woodworking. I also have a sign just like the one in the image that says “Perfection Cooling Room Mfrd by Bromann Bros. Chicago Ill.” It’s actually reverse painting and sivler foil under glass.

    • Thanks Jim,

      Many old cards have no information on their subjects beyond the scrawl of the user. This could well have been another shop bragging of the use of that equipment?

  2. Wow. I finally got around to do a search for Bromann Bros. and found this. I think this is my building. It’s by the corner of Cortez and Rockwell in Humboldt Park. The original woodwork is still in tact. Great photo!

    Miguel B. (@polaxican)
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