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Posted January 4, 2014 by JOHN CHUCKMAN


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  1. I was stationed in the 5th Army Hedquarters from 1964 to 1966 on the south side before they moved out of the city.I did find an arial new of that site on another page. Would love to see more photos or where I might find them..I enjoyed this site very much , you did a great job…. Charley

  2. I was batized in the St. Jarlath’s parish on Jackson blvd. It was closed in 1969. Do you have a picture of the interior of the church?

    Sr. Patricia Mc cafferty
  3. Thank you for the wonderful pictures of early Chicago. It touched me deeply. I remember those wonderful apartment buildings and mansions.

  4. I was thrilled to find your airial view of the wacker drive extension project in 1974. I worked on that project as a 20 year old ironworker. Thanks

  5. I was viewing your image “Movie Inn, 17 N. Wabash Ave.” and wondering if you have any info on this image or the buidling it was located in. I am particularly curious about the 17 N. Wabash Building. It seems to have been there since 1912 but very little info on the internet. Please help.

  6. I used and credited the photo fo a positcard of the Shedd Aquarium for this news article.

    Thank you for being such a wonderful source of history, I found you while looking for photos, but I actually enjoyed looking around at all of it.Its a wonderful collection

  7. I grew up in Chicago, on the near north side. On our street, people mostly spoke russian and german. I shined shoes on Clark St. when I was 10, some of the best years of my life. Thank you for bringing back all these great memories and the history of my beloved hometown.

    Hi jOHN…
    I believe that one of the greek men in the photo is my grandfather named Vasilios Liapis who lived in chicago at that time and had the very distinct blonde hair cut holding the drinks tray ,,,he owned a cafe,,,,is there any information about this photo,,
    much appreciated
    Thoma Liapis

  9. Hi John,
    Man I enjoyed the old pictures of Chicago that I found when I was looking for info on my old church ST Brendans at 67th and Racine. Thanks a lot brought back memories living now in Maryland but we miss home.

    • I grew up at 56th & Racine–remember St. Brendans. I went to good Ol’ Visitation, 55th & Peoria. Do you remember a place calle d Carpenters Hall, somewhere around 67th & Racine, I believe. I think it was part of some parish–they rented it out for parties, dances, etc. My buddy & his band played there often. Lived on Racine from 1935 to 1950. Great times. Look at it now !!!

    • Thanks for all your works efforts and essays……born in Chicago 1930 left in 1953 for military service,Thanks for bringing back fond memories

  10. These photos and memorabilia are just wonderful! As caregiver to my 94 year old dad this site has brought much joy to his life, as dad was always “Mr. Chicago”, a lifelong resident very knowledgeable of its history and bursting with pride about it. I’ve shared this site with many others; everyone loves it. Bless you for putting it together.

  11. It is amazing to see a photo of a bus labeled Kimball and Peterson” I grew up at Bryn Mawr and Peterson, north side. Also, I worked in the Monandnock Bldg in the 50’s. So interesting.

  12. Hi John. Thank you for putting together such a wonderful site. Do you happen to have any photos of Chopin Theatre at 1543 W. Division St. Chicago IL 60642? The building has its 100th anniversary and we’re gathering as much info and photos as we can. It was also called Pix Theater and Harding Theater. Thanks so much. Lela

    • And thank you, Lela.

      Sorry, but if you don’t find it on the site, I Haven’t got it…yet.

      Always looking for new material.

      John Chuckman

  13. john thank you for the site….I was the last owner of Petricca’s Restaurant at 510 N.Western Ave. I sold it in 1989 after being in business since 1933..would appreciate any pictures or info….thank you Anthony Petricca 727-935-4361

  14. Hi John , I love your site! I’m researching my aunt Betty Bonnar & she was in a Miss Photoflash contest in 1959, 1960 or 1961 If you have any photographs I would love to see them.
    Thank you for the photographic journey!

    • Thanks, Sean, for the kind words.

      Generally, I post photos soon after acquiring them.

      So, if you don’t find it on the site, I don’t have it.

      All the best,
      john Chuckman


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