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  1. My parents met he a bartender she a waitress at Henrici in 1950 . I thought it staid in business past 1962 though. My recollection is they reopened out at or near Ohare Airport?

    • Hi Mark,

      I don’t know Henrici’s entire history, but I knew about their branch at the airport. Indeed, I ate there once. I don’t think it was a substitute location. They also once had a bar in the Merchandise Mart (there’s a matchbook here from that). Many of the old restaurants tried branching out – Berghoff had a location on Wabash for a while and also a location on the north side of the Chicago River.

  2. There was a location at the O’Hare Inn, near the airport, at least back in the early 1960’s. It is in the episode of Route 66, “Lizard’s Leg and Owlet’s Wing” which aired in Season 3 or 1963.

    • I was at Henrici’s at the O’Hare Inn the night they were filming that episode in front of one of the motel rooms in the annex to the north side of main tower. There were two actresses who were holding a ribbon that needed to be cut. One of them was given a pair of scissors that were fake and she couldn’t cut it. She finally realized that the crew had pranced her. At the break, she came over to me and told me how cute. It was so exciting to see the crowds and cameras! We went to Henrici’s for several family parties. Thanks for the memories!!

  3. My Mom worked at Henrici’s on Randolph for a number of years and worked till the day they closed, she then transferred to the Merchandise Mart location where she became a seating hostess. Henrici’s was well known for their extensive art collection and when they closed they sold off a number of paintings. My parents bought two and I still have them.

  4. My Father, Ted Parker, was Vice President General Manager of the John R. Thompson company for 30 years. I was born in 1950 and I have years of memories connected with Henrici’s on Randolph street in Chicago. They had a bakery in the front of the restaurant, and a beautiful mural painted on the ceiling as you walked in. For as long as I can remember we ate there at least once a week so we could spend some time with my father. I was there at the closing in 1962 and my brother and I rode in the horse and carriage provided for the event. I have not been back to Chicago for 40 years, but before I left a replica was completed in the Museum of Science and Industry.

  5. My Mother Grace worked in Henrici’s Bakery all during High School in Mid 1950’s. She has told me many times of how elegant and beautiful the restaurant was and that the women & men dressed in attire circa late 1800’s to early 1900’s and how great the pastries and cookies were. She said they shipped cookies all over the country. She mentioned was always such an experience for her to have worked there.

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